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About Charlotte Summer

Charlotte Summer got her first synthesizer at a very young age in the early 80's (a Roland Juno 106). She was inspired by the New Wave acts at the time and wanted to make music like that. After mastering the electronic side of the music, she also picked up a guitar as she also loved rock music. She has been combining the two genres of music ever since.

She has started various bands over the years including her last, Bizarre Love Triangle. This eventually led her to release her first solo album. She is currently writing more tracks for a second album as well as collaborating with other artists.

Official PR Biography

Just Heaven - The Creation of the Remix Album

Charlotte Summer has been working on various projects since the release of her debut album, Bizarre Love Triangle.  It all started with a recording of I'm Gonna Be (500 miles).  Some Stranger was producing a techno version of this song for the film Chinese Beauty.  He needed a female vocal for the track and asked Charlotte to lay down some vocals for him.  Then, the two of them were contacted about doing some tracks for a new video game called Dance Trax, the competitor for DDR.  Charlotte met various DJ's and remixers throughout the process and had a lot of fun working on these projects.  One of the more popular songs off of her first album was her version of Just Like Heaven.  It had recieved a lot of attention including a new remixed video to a newly remixed version of her cover.  The video was chosen to debut in Foot Locker stores all across the country.  After several requests for the remix, Charlotte decided to take the best tracks and remixes from the last year and put them out on this CD.